TOKYO : Tradition and Innovation

Tokyo is one of world greatest metropolitan with a population of about 13 million people. Its present prosperity is based on its long history as Japan's capital for over four hundred years since the early EDO period. Meanwhile, Tokyo is the political and economic center and also a major engine for emerging new technology and culture.

With its rich tradition coexisting with cutting-edge innovation, Tokyo is the place to encourage a fruitful discussion on copyright, communication and reproduction rights at the upcoming IFFRO World Congress in 2017.


Public transportation in Tokyo is very simple. It provides easy access to anywhere through trains, buses and other transportations.

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Suica card and PASMO card

Suica and PASMO, prepaid e-money transport cards can be used for transporting on railways and busses in Tokyo. These cards offer stress-free public transportation during your stay.

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Tourist information

You can enjoy a variety of events throughout the year in Tokyo. Let’s look for activities and make a plan for a short trip!

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Tourist Website

You will find more useful tips on GO TOKYO, an official travel guide of the city of TOKYO.

RACTIVE ROPPONGI provides local information around the venue.