Tokyo is the world’s leading shopping city. It is good opportunity to purchase the beautiful and innovative Japanese products. Shop locator near Roppongi area is below.

Roppongi Hills
Tokyo Midtown


You can enjoy a broad range of cuisines from local pubs to Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo.

Fabulous vegan restaurants and halal food restaurants are also available in Tokyo.

One Day Trip / Short Trip


There are mixture of traditional and modern tourists attractions surrounding Roppongi area. Further information is below.

One Day Trip
Short Trip

One Day Trip/Activities, produced by DMORoppongiLINK

We offer a variety of trips and activities, Japanese culture experience,including ninja experience, tea ceremony, shamisen, etc. Trip to Tsukiji or Sumida ward. And also making a japanese paper activity in nature. Please enjoy and discover the NewTokyo.

Minato City Volunteer Tour GuidesLINK

Volunteer tour by MINATO Travel & Tourism association.
The tour guide will show you the historical area and the downtown area close to Roppongi.
Please enjoy and discover the NewTokyo.

Maximum participants: 10 persons per tour

Experience a Japanese Festival on November 6PDF [483KB]

When you come to Roppongi, a traditional Japanese- festival " Torinoichi" will be held in AzabuJuban next to Roppongi.
The Tori-no Ichi festival is held on the days of the rooster (one of the 12 signs of the zodiac) inNovember at shrines throughout Japan to celebrate the harvest and pray for luck and businessprosperity.
The Kumade (rakes usually made of bamboo), which symbolize collecting luck and good fortune,will be sold at street stalls.
In addition, various stall vendors line the shopping street, creating a lively atmosphere.
Why not take the opportunity to experience a Japanese festival and buy a rake to bring you goodluck?

Location: Azabu Juban Inari Shrine, Azabu Juban Shopping District
Date and time: Monday November 6, 2017 until 8 p.m.
* If it rains, the stalls will not be open

Museum / Art Gallery

Suntory HallLINK

Suntory Museum of ArtLINK